About Us
It started with a buzz!
In 2017 we set out on an ambitious mission to produce an outdoor community festival, with under four months to plan and a starting budget of $0.00 - ultimately, bringing nearly 2000 people to S. Madison Street. In the years since, we have partnered with local organizations, city government and community leaders to draw crowds of thousands to Downtown Whiteville; all while growing our business portfolio to include digital content and information and social party experiences.

Our network continues to spread acorss the entire county, as does our investment footprint; building upon what started as a simple father's day gift: The NC Honey Festival(NCHF). As a part of our overall growth strategy, the NCHF is moving to another division of Dreamboro, while Legion & Lewis remains focused on efforts to develop the social landscape of Columbus County and it's neighbors. WE are forward motion.


CC Farmers Market
CC D.R.E.A.M. Center
CC Beekeepers Assc.
Whiteville City Schools

A.C. Cutler, a Whiteville native and 2007 graduate from Whiteville High School, founded Dreamboro in Greensboro, NC in 2013, housing the operations for his lifestyle brands, creative services and nightclub promotions. The Legion & Lewis division was created with the inaugural NCHF.

Cutler has over a decade of experience in marketing and website design, with a client history ranging from Former Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins to the Commnuity Coalition for Hatti in Jacmel. A successful creative career spanning multiple industries is evidence of Cutler's ability to absorb, decipher, refine and communicate messages to individuals, groups, buyers, sellers, everyday people, and professionals from all walks of life.

Today he is committing his experience and expertise to the collective efforts to make Columbus County a better place to live, work and visit for now and for generations to come.

A.C. Cutler
Founder & CEO, Dreamboro/Legion & Lewis